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We are moving at great speed through the most energising aspect of the big Shift. Changes at several levels are taking place, some advertently and some inadvertently, but our presence on this planet at this time indicates that ...
Our existance is composed of four layers through which all our experiences are passing... Thoughts, Emotions, Energy and Physical Body. When we heal we need to become whole across all the layers, and not just one,
we call it Integrated Living!
Healer's Ocean is our attempt to connect and empower all the therapist of Integrated Approach and those who seek answers of their life. A bridge of awareness that provides healers and seekers to connect with each other...
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In projecting an image to the external world we tend to lose sight of our real inner self which is in essence our core strength. IAOL facilitates you in your endeavor to tap into your latent inner strength.

When we synergize this strength with the core strength of others, life naturally starts evolving in consonance with our most empowering potential thereby enabling you to make the best out of your life.
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